Working with pastels and graphite has been a passion of mine for some time. I have tried many other forms, and return to them occasihead shotonally to spark my creativity, but there is something about the visceral feel of graphite and pastels that keeps me deeply connected to the vision I have in my head. It feels to me as if I am “sculpting” with the pastels.

Earlier in my life I was working toward mechanical and architectural drawings, trying to make drawing my life. But I found this unsatisfying and have opted, instead, for a dual life…Business executive by day and getting my hands covered in graphite and pastel by night. My focus recently is on the mysterious and edgy…the character of New Orleans, the human figure, and the occasional eccentricities of subcultures that exist around us, largely unseen in my daily world.

I draw my influence from the architectural oddity of MC Escher, the intimate lighting of Fabian Perez, the immediacy of simple moments in Aldo Luongo’s work, Henry Asencio’s bold and moody color palette and the other worldliness of Maxfield Parrish. A most impactful and special thanks goes to JD Hillberry, my teacher and mentor and to musician Jill Detroit, with whom I have enjoyed collaborating on nine published CD covers.

I welcome your questions and thoughts as you look through my gallery.  Sellenburg56@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am a huge fan of Steve’s and delighted to have his artwork on my CD covers – his creativity and subtle infusion of color are so unique and inspiring. My fans look forward to the artwork as much as they do the music!

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